Rules and conduct

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Rules and conduct

Mensagem por AlexAngel em 11/27/2014, 05:01

General Rules:

-Respect all members and staff;
-Don't try to impersonate any [Zn'B] staff member;
-Don't send PM's asking to be staff members. If we are looking to recruit someone, we will post it on the "News/Events" section.
-Every infraction will be added to the user's profile. (3 infractions will result in a temporary or permanent ban)

don't post:

-pornographic, offensive or with sexual content websites; Warning.
-websites that promote the use of hacks of any kind; Permanent ban
-websites that contain virus, malwares, spywares and any similar software; Permanent ban
-other servers; Warning
-websites that can obtain information about any user; Permanent ban
-nude, racist or cruel videos/pictures/websites; 3 days ban
-pictures or information of users without their permission; Warning
-topics with the intention of provoking any user; Warning + 3 days ban
-topics towards one person alone. For that we have PM's. Use it; Warning
-spam; Warning
-more than one bump a day; Warning


-go to a place that a zombie can't reach; 30minute ban
-use hacking of any sort; Permanent ban
-use bugs; 3 days ban
-disrespect any player; 3days ban
-pretend to be an admin. If an admin enters the server he will ask the player to change his name in a period of 2 rounds. If the player continues to insist, the admin will simply apply the respective punishment; 3 days ban
-block team mates; 2 hour ban
-publicize other ips. 3 days ban.

Admins responsibility:

-Admins can't "unban" players without filling a report to the Global Admin; Warning
-Admins can't change the config of the server. Only the Global Admin can; Demote
-Admins can't abuse their power; Demote + Permanent ban
-In case of an hacker, admins have to ban him immediately;
-In case of a player abusive behaviour, admins should:
1ºWarning + Slay/slap
2ºWarning + Kick
3ºWarning + Ban
Global Admin
Global Admin

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